Undergraduate Curricula, Programmes and Regulations

Dates of Semesters

Dates of Semesters 2013–2014

For all undergraduate and taught postgraduate students*

First Semester
First Day of Teaching 02.09.2013 (Mon)
Reading/Field Trip Week** 14.10.2013 (Mon)  –  19.10.2013 (Sat)
Last Day of Teaching** 30.11.2013 (Sat)
Revision Period** 02.12.2013 (Mon)  –  06.12.2013 (Fri)
Assessment Period** 07.12.2013 (Sat)  –  23.12.2013 (Mon)
Second Semester
First Day of Teaching 20.01.2014 (Mon)
Class Suspension Period for The Lunar New Year 31.01.2014 (Fri)  –  06.02.2014 (Thur)
Reading/Field Trip Week** 10.03.2014 (Mon)  –  15.03.2014 (Sat)
Last Day of Teaching** 03.05.2014 (Sat)
Revision Period** 05.05.2014 (Mon)  –  10.05.2014 (Sat)
Assessment Period** 12.05.2014 (Mon)  –  31.05.2014 (Sat)
Optional Summer Semester
Teaching and Assessment Period 30.06.2014 (Mon)  –  23.08.2014 (Sat)

Except for those studying for the following curricula:

BCJ(part-time), BDS, BHousMan(part-time), BNurs, BPharm, BPharm(ChinMed)(part-time), BSc(Sp&HearSc), BSc(IM), DPA, MA(AppliedLinguistics), MA in Chinese Language and Literature, MA in English Studies, MBBS, MEd, MHousMan, MIPA, MJ, MPA, MSc(Audiology), MSc(CompSc), MSc(Conservation), MSc(ECom&IComp), MSc(Eng), MSc(ITE), MSc(LIM), MSc(UrbanPlanning), MSocSc in Behavioral Health, MUrbanDesign, PCAdvEdStud, PDip(Conservation), PDipES, PDipJ, PGDE(full-time), PGDE(part-time) and the postgraduate curricula organised by the Faculties of Business and Economics, Dentistry, Law, and Medicine.


For undergraduate students only. Faculties concerned will determine the reading/field trip weeks (if any), last days of teaching, revision periods, and assessment periods for individual taught postgraduate curricula.

May 2013